Avoiding a Data Breach Caused by Medical Devices

In headlines of late, the terms “data breach” and “healthcare organization” aren’t strangers, and now relative to that, avoiding a data breach caused by medical devices is becoming a hot topic. Recent studies and investigations done by cybersecurity professionals in the industry have found that cyber hackers are beginning to use medical device vulnerabilities as … Read more

Call Monitoring Compliance

Call Monitoring Compliance

It’s important to analyze and fully understand the areas of risk as the CFPB continues to closely supervise the collections environment and call monitoring compliance. One of the biggest risks to a collection agency is communication with consumers, making the monitoring of calls a very telling practice.  An effective call monitoring program is a critical … Read more

Payment Card Security Data Flow

Payment Card Security

DATA FLOW DYNAMIC OF PAYMENT CARD SECURITY In March, the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), a global association which represents those in the payments space, announced a partnership with the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SCC). The new partnership brought the two together at TRANSACT 15, ETA’s annual conference, to present the industry with the most recent … Read more

PCI DSS Requirements 1 and 2

PCI DSS Requirements 1 and 2

Questions about PCI DSS Requirements 1 and 2? You’ve come to the right place. As you may know, AISN is a PCI compliant cloud hosting provider. Today. we’re fortunate to reprint highlights from an exclusive online interview sponsored by our valued partner, KirkpatrickPrice. In this interview, KirkpatrickPrice Information Security Auditor Barry Williams responded to some … Read more

Compliance Mistakes: 5 Killer Errors

Compliance Mistakes

Compliance mistakes can be costly. Very costly. The fines associated with non-compliance and/or data breaches are stiff and punishing in multiple ways. Sarah Morris of KirkpatrickPrice, our auditor, kindly put together this list of five key compliance mistakes. At AISN, we urge you to be proactive about compliance and security and understand how to avoid … Read more

CFPB Vendor Compliance Management

When it comes to CFPB vendor compliance, companies must “oversee” their vendors “in a manner that ensures compliance with Federal consumer financial law…The CFPB’s exercise of its supervisory and enforcement authority will closely reflect this orientation and emphasis,” according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s CFPB Bulletin 2012-3. An effective risk management strategy includes the … Read more

Security Best Practices for Social Media Users

Security Best Practices for Social Media Users

Users of popular social media sites may not realize the potential risks to which they expose themselves while using and participating in social networking. Most users develop a “dangerous level of assumed trust” with other users of these sites, regardless of whether or not they have actually verified their identities. This is why it is a good … Read more

Hospital Network Security: 3 Key Principles Illustrated

Today, I’d like to talk a little about hospital network security and point to a story about a hospital incident in which three key principles of hospital network security are illustrated. As you may know, technical controls are sometimes illustrated with physical descriptions in order to help the non-technical person understand the concept. A firewall, … Read more

Six Tips to Secure Healthcare Data, Ensure HIPAA Compliance

It’s one thing to suffer one data breach – there is room to recover. Will Anthem survive a second breach? Don’t let this happen to you. With the Anthem breach still on the forefront of everyone’s minds, as well as the upcoming supervision from the OCR and the new phase of HIPAA audits, we have put … Read more

PCI DSS: 15 Common PCI Compliance Gaps

15 Common PCI Compliance Gaps

Common PCI compliance gaps?  You bet!  We can identify 15 of them. The need for enhanced security is becoming more and more obvious every day. As the security landscape changes, the threats to our sensitive data become more serious, and as a result, the controls that we put in place have become stronger. We see a … Read more