How to Implement a Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program

Creating a program of regular cybersecurity awareness training should be a key part of your information security program. Read on and learn how.

Secure Web App Best Practices

Maintaining a secure web environment is extremely important in today’s technological climate. So, let’s look at secure web app best practices. Performing regular scans and tests of your security posture is best practice and one that is rapidly becoming an essential piece to maintaining security at your organization. Web applications have become a common target … Read more

Avoiding a Data Breach Caused by Medical Devices

In headlines of late, the terms “data breach” and “healthcare organization” aren’t strangers, and now relative to that, avoiding a data breach caused by medical devices is becoming a hot topic. Recent studies and investigations done by cybersecurity professionals in the industry have found that cyber hackers are beginning to use medical device vulnerabilities as … Read more

Security Best Practices for Social Media Users

Security Best Practices for Social Media Users

Users of popular social media sites may not realize the potential risks to which they expose themselves while using and participating in social networking. Most users develop a “dangerous level of assumed trust” with other users of these sites, regardless of whether or not they have actually verified their identities. This is why it is a good … Read more

Six Tips to Secure Healthcare Data, Ensure HIPAA Compliance

It’s one thing to suffer one data breach – there is room to recover. Will Anthem survive a second breach? Don’t let this happen to you. With the Anthem breach still on the forefront of everyone’s minds, as well as the upcoming supervision from the OCR and the new phase of HIPAA audits, we have put … Read more