Steps to Avoid a Pricey Data Breach

Steps to Avoid a Pricey Data Breach

Are you swimming in information security concerns? Avoid a pricey data breach by reading further. Recent and startling new malicious attacks are causing organizations to re-think everything we know about our security posture – from breach prevention to response. Organizations are beginning to shift their focus on security when they have realized that sometimes, compliance … Read more

Avoid a Data Breach: What a Health Care Org Should Do

Avoid a Data Breach: What a Health Care Org Should Do There are three things that a health care organization should do immediately to avoid a data breach. They are: Execute Advanced Penetration Testing. Performing an advanced external penetration test is a strategic approach to identify weaknesses in network and application security, as would a hacker. … Read more

Penetration Tests Help Avoid a Data Breach

Penetration tests and vulnerability scans, if performed regularly, will help your organization avoid a costly data breach.  Did you know that? So why don’t more companies get on the ball and do this? Nearly every week, we read about a malicious hacker who has penetrated a security gap in an organization’s infrastructure to gain access to loads of … Read more

Avoiding a Data Breach Caused by Medical Devices

In headlines of late, the terms “data breach” and “healthcare organization” aren’t strangers, and now relative to that, avoiding a data breach caused by medical devices is becoming a hot topic. Recent studies and investigations done by cybersecurity professionals in the industry have found that cyber hackers are beginning to use medical device vulnerabilities as … Read more

Avoid Becoming the Next Anthem Breach: 3 Tips

The recent Anthem breach is potentially the largest data breach to date in the healthcare space. When your CEO or your largest clients ask you what your plan is to prevent the same from happening to you, what are you going to tell them? Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is essential for avoiding a data … Read more