Cloud Contract Review Questions

It’s cloud contract review time. You should know the right cloud contract review questions to ask, right? Well, first, take a good look at the provider’s cloud service-level agreement (SLA). What is an SLA? An SLA defines what the customer will receive. It’s a contract between you, the customer, and a service provider (either internal or … Read more

Microsoft Cloud Platform Powered by AIS Network

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Delivers! The Microsoft Cloud Platform delivers, and AISN is excited to roll it out early in 2015. And, although we’ve built an entire suite of High Security Cloud Services on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, when it comes to our High Security Private Cloud, we love that the Microsoft Cloud Platform powered by AISN … Read more

Secure Online Backup and Recovery Ensures Business Continuity

Each year, businesses and governments lose billions of dollars due to data loss. Sadly, these organizations could have prevented their losses if only they’d had a secure online backup and recovery plan, which ensures business continuity in the aftermath of a disaster. Unrecoverable data loss impacts customers and employees and can mean serious repercussions for … Read more

Benefits of Colocation

Why would anyone choose colocation? What are the benefits of colocation? Colocation services provide the flexibility, control, security and services that you need—plus expert managed hosting support when you want it. In a colocation scenario, you host your infrastructure in a provider’s data centers, allowing you to reduce the capital and operational expenses that you … Read more

HIPAA Compliant Private Cloud Delivers Life-Saving Assistance

National Health IT Week 2014, which is this week, celebrates the value of IT and its contribution to healthcare providers, associations and non-profit organizations, state and regional extension centers, corporations and colleges and universities across the nation. In honor of National Health IT Week, I thought I would share with you the story of one of … Read more

Is It Cheaper to Host In House?

By Laurie Head AIS Network VP Isn’t it cheaper to host in house (on premises)? Yes, there are times when do-it-yourself, in-house hosting makes absolute sense, and at AISN, we always will help you determine if it does. Our No. 1 priority is to be a valued service partner with our clients. However, when it … Read more

HIPAA BAAs and HIPAA Cloud Hosting

All HIPAA/HITECH-regulated organizations in the process of selecting a HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting provider should expect their chosen vendor to sign a HIPAA/HITECH Business Associate Agreement (BAA).* But here’s the rub. It’s easy to find a cloud hosting provider who says, “Yeah, we’ll sign a BAA.” However, it’s quite another to find a provider who is … Read more

Most Health Care Orgs Embracing the Cloud

Our CEO, Jay Atkinson, had the opportunity to attend the annual HIMSS conference in Florida earlier this year and found it entirely exciting and educational.  For those of you who are not familiar with HIMSS, it’s a cause-based global enterprise that produces health IT thought leadership, education, events, market research and media services around the world.  It’s … Read more

Private Cloud Drives the Cloud Storage Market

Cloud storage of interest? You bet! The total cloud storage market is expected to reach $46.8 billion over the next four years with a CAGR of 40.2%. That’s according to a new market research report “Public/Private Cloud Storage Market (Incl. Cloud Storage Gateways, Backup and Recovery, Data Movement and Access, Data Replication, Hsm and Archiving, … Read more

AISN Sponsoring the VACo Conference This Weekend

By Laurie Head AIS Network VP, Marketing Communications Well, it’s off to Bath County to sponsor the 2013 Annual Conference of the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo), which is beginning on Sunday at the Omni Homestead Resort. As you may already know, AISN hosts the commonwealth portal,, and provides hosting services for numerous state … Read more