PCI DSS Requirements 1 and 2

PCI DSS Requirements 1 and 2

Questions about PCI DSS Requirements 1 and 2? You’ve come to the right place. As you may know, AISN is a PCI compliant cloud hosting provider. Today. we’re fortunate to reprint highlights from an exclusive online interview sponsored by our valued partner, KirkpatrickPrice. In this interview, KirkpatrickPrice Information Security Auditor Barry Williams responded to some … Read more

Note About Our Virginia eGov Contract Vehicles

AISN is your One-Stop-Shop for eGov services, so I thought I’d post a brief note about our Virginia eGov contract vehicles. Our team currently supports about two dozen agencies within the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a SWaM-certified Small Business, we can help your agency meet its SWaM targets while building, hosting, and maintaining your application, … Read more

Microsoft Cloud Platform Powered by AIS Network

The Microsoft Cloud Platform Delivers! The Microsoft Cloud Platform delivers, and AISN is excited to roll it out early in 2015. And, although we’ve built an entire suite of High Security Cloud Services on the Microsoft Cloud Platform, when it comes to our High Security Private Cloud, we love that the Microsoft Cloud Platform powered by AISN … Read more

Six Tips to Secure Healthcare Data, Ensure HIPAA Compliance

It’s one thing to suffer one data breach – there is room to recover. Will Anthem survive a second breach? Don’t let this happen to you. With the Anthem breach still on the forefront of everyone’s minds, as well as the upcoming supervision from the OCR and the new phase of HIPAA audits, we have put … Read more

PCI DSS: 15 Common PCI Compliance Gaps

15 Common PCI Compliance Gaps

Common PCI compliance gaps?  You bet!  We can identify 15 of them. The need for enhanced security is becoming more and more obvious every day. As the security landscape changes, the threats to our sensitive data become more serious, and as a result, the controls that we put in place have become stronger. We see a … Read more

Microsoft BizSpark FAQs

AIS Network has participated in the Microsoft BizSpark program since it began about 5 years ago. We love our BizSpark friends, the program and everything that it represents. The program has supported more than 100,00 startups in more than 165 countries. So, why didn’t we designate a page for BizSpark? Well, when we redesigned our website … Read more

Guaranteeing Hosting Compliance

Guaranteeing hosting compliance.  It’s pretty much something that AIS Network has always done, and it’s a clear service benefit.  Our compliance with multiple security and regulatory standards such as HIPAA/HITECH, FISMA, FERPA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX and others repeatedly saves our clients time and money and helps them to avoid costly litigation over compliance errors. Up until … Read more

Compliance Analytics

Are you effectively gathering and making use of compliance-related data? What kind of story is your data saying about your organization? Ask yourself the following questions: How are you currently measuring and reporting on complaint data? Do you have the ability to demonstrate trends by month, quarter, response time, or complaint category? What is your monthly … Read more

Framework Updates for HIPAA, ISO27001, FISMA, PCI

Framework updates for HIPAA, ISO 27001, FISMA and PCI DSS have been the hot topic of discussion over the last year. As the world continues to be pressured with information security challenges, over the last 12 months, major compliance frameworks have recently been updated or are currently updating. In today’s current climate, incidents and breaches are … Read more